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Deferred Comp Retention Plans

How do you retain the people who matter most to your Credit Union?

A look at custom retention plans for your key people

How do you retain the people who matter most to your business?

Have you experienced the negative impact on your business when top talent leaves?

In any organization, leadership and talent continuity are essential to maintaining the growth and value of the company. Current times have made it very easy for top talent to leave. Everything from social media to recruiting companies are targeting your top people. So what do you do to secure talented people and retain them for current and future leadership roles at your credit union?

Customized Retention Plans

We have found that creative customized retention plans for a key person can help. The question then becomes what option best suits your needs?

First, being creative with each person you look to retain can be key. An attractive retention program for one person may have little attraction to another.

Here's where we come in – we give you a good ‘listening to’ so we can:

  1. Identify what your business wants to accomplish.
  2. Learn (a lot) about the executive you wish to benefit.

Both the professional information and the personal information will allow us to suggest and design options that will best fit everyone. The key is to have this ultimately be perceived as such a great benefit and incentive that they would want to continue (and hopefully finish) their career with you.

To say the least, these benefit programs have evolved over the years to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of executive benefits and how they fit the executive today.

Whether you have plans in place that might deserve a second opinion or looking to establish one for somebody new, we'd love to have a more meaningful conversation on how to retain your valued employee.

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